IT Infrastructure Optimization

Deepak Bhagat

The IT infrastructure industry is going through its biggest transformation in the last 30 years. The transition from mainframes to mini-computers and then to personal computers was driven by advances in processor, memory, and disk technologies. These technology advances are still continuing and at a more rapid pace. The Internet has enabled a new form of computing architecture and application development. Computing is now more distributed using mostly commodity parts and applications that use web interfaces. There are new technologies, such as virtualization, where the software is decoupled from the underlying hardware and the software environments move and migrate to different computing platforms as the workload changes. Virtualization is leading to server consolidation where multiple applications run in different “virtual machines” within the same underlying hardware infrastructure. Advances in flash memory technology are causing a re-architecture of storage and memory hierarchies, resulting in significantly higher I/O throughput. Companies are beginning to consolidate their datacenters and provide various services to internal users using web interfaces, even inside their firewalls. Many of these companies are also considering leveraging “private clouds” for renting their infrastructure at times of peak-usage. The increase in rate of innovation is also causing companies to look for ways to get their products to market faster to get customer validation. They are looking for new ways to achieve this objective.

Vikroon Systems ( has extensive experience in designing and marketing datacenter technologies. It offers services and solutions to “Optimize IT Infrastructure” by helping customers move towards consolidation, virtualization, and building private clouds. It also offers new product development and go-to-market services to help companies take their new products to market faster.

Deepak Bhagat



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